Bankruptcy Lawyer

Why You Should Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision. When you’re already in debt and worried about finances, it might seem counterintuitive to pay a lawyer. Even if your bankruptcy seems straightforward, you can benefit from a bankruptcy lawyer. Here’s why you should consider having an attorney on your side.

Your Attorney Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

From deciding which type of bankruptcy to file to finding alternatives to a bankruptcy, a lawyer can help you navigate the process to meet your goals. Chapter 7 bankruptcies don’t discharge some types of debt, such as student loans or back child support, so your attorney can help you decide what is your best option before you file to save time and money.

Your Attorney Can Help You Prepare For Your Bankruptcy

Before you ever file your bankruptcy paperwork, there is a lot to understand. Your state has exemptions that could apply to you to protect some of your assets. Your lawyer knows the system and can help you save as much as you can. Your lawyer can also help you value your assets appropriately, making sure you disclose them properly.

Your Attorney Helps You Through the Bankruptcy

Finally, your lawyer is there through your bankruptcy to help you navigate the details. There will be mountains of paperwork required by the court to see your bankruptcy through. You’ll also have to provide information to the court about your current income and expenses. Any financial transactions will be subject to the court’s jurisdiction. Your lawyer is there to explain the process and to provide information about what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

Your lawyer also helps you stay on schedule to make sure everything is in order and filed on time. You’ll have to give testimony to the bankruptcy trustee under penalty of perjury. Your lawyer helps you make sure the information is correct and complete. You can have peace of mind that you aren’t missing anything.

Your lawyer can also help you handle aggressive creditors who keep calling after you file for bankruptcy. If you’re trying to retain your property in bankruptcy, such as your car or house, your attorney may be able to negotiate with that creditor to help you keep your property. A lawyer can also negotiate with creditors about repayment terms in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Bottom line, your bankruptcy lawyer such as Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law makes sure that your bankruptcy goes through the process smoothly.