Birth Injury Prevention

The joyous arrival of a baby can quickly turn into fear for new parents when it is discovered that the baby has suffered a birth injury because of a medical error or other negligence by a medical professional. Medical errors are one of the leading causes of malpractice in this country and when it comes to the birth of a baby, there are two potential victims that could suffer harm because of negligence, both the mother and the infant.

Hospitals and medical professionals can help minimize the risks of birth injury medical errors by making sure that there are certain safety protocols in place, during the prenatal period, labor, and delivery.  

While each facility has its own protocols, studies have shown that when protocols and patient care are high priorities, there is a substantial lower percentage of labor and delivery complications, resulting in a lower rate of birth injuries. Studies also reveal that when the safety protocols are not highly prioritized, the rate of birth injuries spikes.

Many hospitals have taken initiatives to ensure that these critical protocols are in place. While there are some birth injuries that may not be preventable, it is estimated that more than 30 percent of these cases are totally preventable. In one study, hospitals across the country focused on two different factors in their goal to lower birth injuries. There was an increase in adhering to evidence-based practices and interventions in patient care. Participating hospitals also focused on improved communication and all-around teamwork between medical staff.

The results of the study were promising. Birth asphyxia and hypoxia, which causes brain damage, was decreased by 25 percent. Neonatal birth injuries were reduced by 22 percent and maternal complications were reduced by 15 percent.

One hospital was able to reach a decrease of 85 percent in brain trauma for newborns by improving protocols. Another facility reduced the pulmonary embolism fatality rate in new mother by 87 percent.

Study after study confirms that preventable birth injuries caused by medical errors can be avoided if hospitals just take the steps to ensure that the safest practices are in place. Putting in place coordinated patient care procedures, making sure there is appropriate staffing, and setting limits on when and why Caesarian sections are performed are all necessary steps all medical facilities should be taking to make sure the health of mothers and infants are protected.

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