List Of Things To Do Before Going Through A Divorce

Whether you have come to the decision to get a divorce (or your spouse has made that decision for you), you may be wondering what you should do in order to prepare for this divorce. Even the most amicable of divorces can be complicated and you want to know that you are fulfilling all of the necessary requirements and proceeding with your divorce according to the law. Although the process can be stressful and emotionally difficult, it can help to create a list of things to do before going through the divorce proceedings. This can help you to understand what to expect from the process as a whole. 

  1. Consider working with a marriage counselor. A marriage counselor can help in many different ways. If you are not fully decided that divorce is right for you (or even if you are), a marriage counselor may be able to help you cope with your feelings and end on more amicable terms than you would have. 
  2. Find a divorce lawyer. Many people hope to leave lawyers out of their divorce process because they do not want to pay the legal fees and they would like to keep their divorce as private as possible. However, a lawyer, like a divorce lawyer can help you establish your rights during the divorce and can work to ensure you are getting a fair divorce settlement. 
  3. Gather important documents prior to seeing an attorney. Before you see your attorney, it can be incredibly helpful to gather certain documents such as your marriage license, estate planning documents, pre or postnuptial agreements, and other documents that relate to your marriage, your children, or your finances. 
  4. Don’t move out of your home. If you think it is best to give your spouse space while you are going through the divorce process, reconsider leaving the home. This can often mean you are unable to return to the house during the rest of the divorce process and it may have unintended consequences when it comes to child custody and alimony. Instead, spend time researching other places to live without moving out and ensure they provide you and any children you have with what you will need. 

See How a Local Lawyer Can Help You Today

These are just a few of the ways that you can prepare for your divorce. Having a trusted lawyer by your side during this process can be invaluable because you may end up saving money in the long run and ending up with a fair divorce. If you are hoping to work with a lawyer, reach out to a local law firm today.