Steps To Take if You Feel Your Civil Rights Have Been Violated

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Civil rights are designed to protect you and your personal freedom. These rights include freedom of religion and speech and to enjoy freedom of persecution based on your race, creed, sexual orientation and gender. When any of these rights are violated, it can be distressing and you may not know where to turn. However, there are several steps you can take to fight this breach of the law and the person or persons who have committed it and gain compensation for any pain and suffering you might have endured.

1. Contact a Lawyer

It can be difficult to prove a civil rights violation on your own, especially if you have never encountered such an event before. Contacting a lawyer to discuss your case can help you understand if the circumstances constitute a violation and whether you have the ability to sue. Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation, so you can make queries about your case without having to worry about the cost of legal assistance.

2. Gather Information

Once your attorney reviews a possible civil rights violation and believes you can build a case, the next step is to gather information to help prove it. It is important to remember that the burden of proof will likely be upon you as the plaintiff, so collect as much as you can for your attorney. Recount the incident in your own words, print out texts and emails from the individual who committed the violation and note when and where the incident took place.

3. Contact the Government

In some cases, there are state and federal organizations that may assist you with your legal suit. While each case varies, these agencies will likely work with you to decide which of your civil rights were violated and whether they can assist with your case. Your attorney can provide you with details about whether a state or local organization might become involved and how its presence can make your case stronger.

4. Prepare for Court

Your attorney can help you decide whether you need to appear in court or whether he or she will represent you and your best interests there. If you decide to participate, ask your lawyer about courtroom etiquette, what you need to bring and whether you will need to speak. Understanding the proceedings may help you feel more confident about stepping into the courtroom.

Having your civil rights violated can be a stressful experience that can turn your life upside down. Contact an experienced attorney for more information about how to build a case and be compensated for the mental and emotional anguish this experience can cause.