5 Steps You Should Take After a Slip and Fall

Taking a tumble in any respect may not seem so bad when you were younger, but as you age, even the slightest bump can cause pain and injury. If you find yourself on the floor after slipping and falling, you may quickly jump up to avoid lingering embarrassment. However, you may soon realize that the fall caused much more damage to your body than your pride when your back starts to burn and ache. Suffering a slip and fall at a place of business or someone else’s house may result in your recovery of damages. After taking a spill, consider these five steps to help you out along your journey to recovery.

1. Ask for a Manager or the Owner

You will need to report the fall to the person in charge. When at someone else’s home, that would be the homeowner. At a business, an acting manager will do. While at the scene, let them know that you fell, even if you don’t feel like you want to go to get medical treatment. You may change your mind down the road, and reporting it will help clear hurdles for you to do so.

2. Take Photos of the Scene

If you are physically able to function, take pictures of the scene as it existed after your fall. You may find that there is a puddle, a crack or some other kind of obstacle that caused either the floor to become slick or you to trip. You may not be able to take pictures, and if that is the case, try and get people around you to do it.

3. Get Medical Intervention Immediately

You may not feel much pain, but waiting to get checked out may cost you in the long run. Even if you only feel a little pain, it is better to have it checked immediately after the incident. This way any cracks or pulls may be discovered at once and medical intervention started.

4. Get Medical Documentation of Your Injuries

Take pictures of your visible injuries such as bumps, bruises and scrapes. Upon discharge from the hospital, ask for a copy of all imaging studies and records so you can take them with you.

5. Do Not Claim Fault

You may believe you tripped over your feet or that you should have seen the massive puddle on the ground. Either way, never tell a manager or an insurance rep that the incident was your fault.

Engaging the services of a personal injury attorney can help when it comes to getting a financial settlement for your injuries. Talk to someone about your case before speaking with the insurance company.

Source: Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, GA, Butler Law Firm

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