Whether it’s caused by an illness or injury, mobility problems can negatively impact an elderly person’s life. Seniors who aren’t as mobile anymore may have trouble doing everyday tasks and have an increased risk of falling. If you have a parent who is struggling with mobility, it can be a difficult thing to witness. However, there are steps you can take to help make things easier for your parent.

Modify the Home

If your elderly parent struggles to get around, it may be time to make some modifications to their home. For example, if your parent is in a wheelchair, you could widen the hallways and doorways so it’s easier for them to get around. You could also raise the toilet seats and install grab bars in the shower.

Purchase Mobility Aids

There are many mobility aids out there that can help your parent get around easier. If your parent is still somewhat mobile, a cane may be a good option. On the other hand, if your parent’s mobility problems are more severe, a walk may be a better choice.

Be There to Listen

Losing mobility can be very frustrating to an older person and even cause depression. That’s why it’s important to communicate often with your parent and ask them how they’re doing. Let them know that it’s okay to feel sad and frustrated over this situation. Having a shoulder to lean on can make your parent feel better during this difficult time.

Encourage Your Parent to Exercise

Just because your parent has limited mobility, doesn’t mean they can’t get any physical activity. Regular exercise can actually help you parent improve their flexibility and strength. It’s important for your parent to start slow and gradually increase activity level. For example, you parent could start just walking around the house and then walk around the block. Make sure your parent stretches properly before exercising and drinks plenty of water throughout. If your parent is in a wheelchair, it’s still possible to get physical activity in. Your parent could, for example, punch the air with small hand weights or do bicep curls.

Hire a Home Nurse

If you’re unable to help your parent around the house all the time, it may be a good idea to hire a home nurse. This health professional can help your parent get around the house easier and assist with tasks, like taking medication and getting dressed. A home nurse can also monitor your parent’s symptoms and let you know if their mobility is getting worse. If you have an experienced home nurse by your parent’s side, you will have a better peace of mind.

If you elderly parent needs help at home, look into hiring a home nurse. Try to interview at least several candidates and make sure to ask them detailed questions about their training and experience. You want to hire the absolute best for your family member.