Car Accident Injuries and Restitution

Car accidents are a major inconvenience to our lives and health, and can be so catastrophic that people lose their lives. The injuries from a serious car collision can vary greatly, and tend to be related to head injuries, wounds, burns, crushed extremities, broken bones, and mental stress. Those who have been in accidents that were caused by another driver are advised to seek legal assistance, such as from a car accident lawyer victims trust from Hayhurst Law PLLC, to learn about whether they are eligible for compensation. Victims may be owed monetary restitution for medical bills, loss of earnings, property damage or replacement, mental health therapy, and more. 

The force of impact can cause traumatic head injuries, such as a concussion, brain swelling, brain bleeding, skull fractures, and other conditions. These types of injuries must be treated promptly, as they can quickly develop into a critical situation. Some people may sustain a concussion, which can vary from mild to severe. And others may have needed to be rushed to the hospital for emergency medical attention. The force of suddenly colliding with another car, object, or building, can cause someone to hit their head on the window, dashboard, or steering wheel. Symptoms often associated with traumatic head injuries include loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, feeling off-balance, sleeping excessively or too little, slurred speech, and mood swings.

Other injuries that can be sustained from a car accident include wounds, broken bones, burns, scarring, and mental stress. Burns can result from fires or chemical leaks. Surface wounds can develop from hitting the inside of the vehicle or being ejected onto the roadway. Extremities can get crushed, causing bone breaks. Victims may suffer from mental anguish because of the way that car accidents can hinder a person’s normal way of life. These incidents aren’t inconveniences to someone’s day, but it can affect their career, earnings, personal relationships, mental health, and physical health. Some people may not be able to fully recover from their injuries, which means they may require life-long care and support. 

When people are part of a car accident, they may not realize they could be owed restitution for how they have suffered. For example, a person may get hit by another reckless driver and then accept a low insurance settlement because they don’t realize their case is worth so much more. Some people have lawyers help them in the aftermath of a car accident, like the team from Hayhurst Law PLLC, so they have someone to advocate for their recovery and protect them from insurance companies who want to take advantage of victims. Perhaps the best way to ensure your car accident case is handled with your benefit and health in mind is to consult with a legal team right away. From the moment a car accident happens and on, victims must put their health and finances first.