What To Do If You Accidentally Hit a Cyclist

Bicycle accidents happen frequently, especially in areas where cyclists and drivers share. If you unintentionally caused a victim harm do not panic. Personal injury accidents of any kind are serious and should be handled properly. The important thing to remember is that you did not harm a person on purpose, but it’s crucial to know that you understand what to do. To ensure that the victim is taken care of and that your rights are protected, here are actions that you should take.

Pull Over

If you strike a cyclist with your vehicle, whether it’s due to poor weather conditions or because you failed to see them, first pull over and check on the victim right away. Ask them if they are okay and stay with them at the scene. If the cyclist has no injuries or minor injuries, they may decide to just leave and decide not to have the police involved. However, you should notify police if they have suffered a serious injury so that you can report the accident. 

Call 911 For Serious Injuries

After you have initially tended to them, call 911. The 911 operator will provide you further instructions on how to care for the victim. Stay with the cyclist at the site and wait for first responders to arrive. If a cyclist that you struck has suffered injuries and you make no attempt to get them medical attention or decide to flee the scene, you can be criminally charged with a hit and run. You should never leave the scene of an accident if a person has been harmed.

Gather Evidence 

Do not forget about gathering evidence, no matter how minor a personal injury accident is. Take photographs of the accident scene as well as the injuries that the cyclist has suffered. Collecting evidence is necessary, whether you were the victim or not. The cyclist could choose to tell a different account of how the accident occurred, especially if they were at fault, so you should have evidence to support your account. 

Find Out Your Rights

It is important to understand your rights as a driver who has struck a cyclist. You should never admit fault even though you have struck a cyclist, because you may not have been the one solely at fault. Discuss your case with a lawyer and they will go over the details of your case. As a trusted bicycle accident lawyer Chicago, IL like one at Disparti Law Group can explain, you have rights of your own that need to be protected even though you were not the victim. 

Contact a Lawyer 

Being involved in a bicycle accident where you are the one who is at fault can be a stressful experience. Lawyers who handle personal injury cases are there for you during one of the most traumatic and challenging experiences of your life. If you have been in a bicycle accident, it is critical that you contact a lawyer to understand your rights and options. Talk to a skilled bicycle accident lawyer immediately and discuss your options.