Personal Injury FAQs

When you’ve suffered a car accident, the bills can be unbelievable. From car repair to rehabilitation, the costs can quickly pile up. It’s not unusual to wonder how you can pay your bills, particularly if you must take time off from work. If you’re in the dark about how to pay your bills, read this article to get your questions answered.

Who’s Responsible?

The first thing on many people’s minds is do they have to pay the bills themselves, even if another party was at fault. Unfortunately, no matter the situation, you are expected to pay your medical bills. But the type of accident you have experienced can impact how much of them you will have to pay. It can depend on whether you had an accident:

  • When you have insurance
  • When you have minimal, or state-sponsored insurance
  • When you are uninsured

Do I Pay from My Settlement

A settlement is the result of an accident, so it’s natural to think that you must use the funds to settle your medical bills. This is not true – it’s not mandatory that you pay medical bills from any settlement you receive. In fact, your insurance will likely cover most of them. You simply provide your doctor with insurance information to bill your carrier. For people with state-sponsored insurance, the coverage and process is usually the same. Without insurance, you should talk to the individual medical facilities to see about a payment arrangement. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help with the latter.

How Much to Expect in a Settlement

There is no simple answer for how much to expect in a settlement. It can depend on the severity of your injuries, how many people you are suing, and other factors. It can also depend on your personal injury attorney. A good one will calculate your bills and ask for the full amount of your medical bills as they work with the other party to figure out your settlement. Be aware, however, that some health insurance carriers will expect you to reimburse them for any bills the carrier covered. Fortunately, your attorney may be able to negotiate the percentage of your settlement that the insurance companies are entitled to.

Mounting medical bills can make a stressful situation that much more troublesome. But you don’t have to deal with worries on top of physical injuries and practical costs. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible to learn your options.